Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is authorized to accomplish all acts/work necessary for the realization of the aims and goals of the CPE . The term of office of Board members is two years for parent-members, one year for the staff member, and the duration of employment for the Director.

The President chairs the Annual General Assemblies, chairs the Board of Directors meetings, and exercises all powers and duties as determined by the members of the Board. The Director of the CPE reports to the President. The president is the contact person in serious harassment cases and is also a member of the Ethics and Pandemic/Emergency Committees if necessary. The President has signing authority.


The Vice-President serves in the place of the President in his or her absence. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President chairs Board meetings. It is the duty of the Vice-President to maintain and update the policy manual and is also a member of the Ethics and Pandemic/Emergency Committees if necessary. When the need arises, or when requested, the Vice-President will attend staff meetings as a representative of the Board. The Vice-President has signing authority.


The Treasurer is responsible for the overall finances of the Corporation. The Treasurer prepares and presents financial statements to the Board as required; ensures that the bookkeeping is accurately maintained; is responsible for releasing financial documents to authorized personnel; is responsible for signing all documents requiring the Treasurer’s signature; and is responsible for any other duties required by the Board that are inherent to the position. The Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee and brings any recommendations to the Board. The Treasurer has signing authority.


The Secretary records and prepares the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual General Assemblies; maintains a current file of minutes; maintains a separate record of motions passed at Board meetings and General Assemblies.

Personnel Committee Chair:

The Personnel Committee deals with personnel matters such as: reviewing applicants for position of Educator and Director(s); establishing need to hire/fire staff members, developing tools for Director evaluation; and is also a member of the Ethics Committee if necessary. Confidentiality is essential.

Public Relations Committee Chair:

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for advertising, newsletters, initiating surveys, ensuring positive public image, organizing parent workshops and special activities; inquiries, professional affiliations and daily communications with relevant members within and outside the Concordia community.

Health and Safety Committee Chair:

The Health and Safety Committee is responsible for the development and recommendation of policies relating to health and safety issues as well as serving as an advisory committee of those issues to the Director(s) and the Board.   The Chair is also a member of the Ethics Committee if necessary.