All classrooms emphasize a multicultural orientation. Special activities include music, movement, ice skating, gym, and occasional class fieldtrips.

Panda Bear Room (3-18 months)

Panda Room
The Panda Bear Room welcomes babies and young toddlers.  There are two educators for seven children.  The room is spacious, bright, and engaging with age-appropriate toys and equipment.  Group activities include sand and water play, art activities, music and song and story time.  There is a separate nap room to accommodate individual schedules.  Connected to the Panda Bear Room is a large balcony, which allows safe outdoor play.

Koala Room (24-30 months)

Koala Room








The Koala Room welcomes older toddlers up to 2½ years old.  There are five children in this group.  Typical activities include painting, art activities, dramatic play, puzzles, and block play.  The Koala Room and the Firefly Room are connected, which allows toddlers from both groups to interact.

Firefly Room (18-24 months)

Firefly Room







The Firefly Room welcomes younger toddlers up to 2 years old.  A total of five children are in this group.  As with other rooms at the CPE, the Firefly Room presents a home-like atmosphere.  Typical activities include sand or water play, block play, art activities, and dramatic play.  The Koala Room and the Firefly Room are connected, which allows children from both groups to interact.
Dolphin Room (2.5-3 years)
Dolphin Room






The Dolphin Room welcomes young preschool children up to 3 years old.  There are eight children in this group.  The program encourages independence and sociality through stimulation of the children’s creative, cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic, and physical aspects.  Learning centres are based on an active learning model, which complements and expands children’s interests.
The Bumble Bee Room (3-4 years)
Bumblebee Room







The Bumble Bee Room welcomes eight young preschoolers up to 3½ years old.  The room’s layout with multiple play and learning areas fosters the children’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development.  Many available hands-on experiences allow the children to explore independently or, with guidance, to find solutions to their own questions.

Jungle Rooms 1 and 2 (4-5 years)

Jungle Room







The two Jungle Rooms welcome the oldest children in the centre (up to 5 years old).  Each room has 10 children and offers a bilingual program where educators  primarily speak French .Self-help skills, independence, and problem solving are encouraged.  The curriculum is organized around a variety of open-ended activity choices.


Cubby Room (1.5-5 years)

Cubby Room








All but the youngest children store their coats, boots, and other outdoor articles in their own “cubbies,” each of which is labeled with the child’s name and symbol (e.g., the Red Dolphin).


Playground (all ages)

PlaygroundChildren have a beautiful fenced yard in which to play.  It includes one climbing structure, a spring rocking lizard, a gazebo, a bicycle path, a large sand play area, and a circular picnic table.

Toddler Play AreaThere is also a second, smaller playground for the younger children.



P'tits Profs Building

The CPE is located on the eastern end of the Loyola campus in a building owned by Concordia University. The center owes some of its home-like atmosphere to the building’s former existence as two semi-detached houses. The interior maintains the look and feel of the houses of the surrounding neighbourhood.